18" HVAC UVC High Output

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18" HVAC UVC High Output

PEK/GTLK 18" HO Lamp  HVAC Shatterproof Germicidal Fixture $300.00 Each.

Please specify 120, 230 or 277 volt when ordering.

High Output PEK Series germicidal fixtures are designed specifically for fan coils, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC), classroom unit ventilators, packaged split systems and other similar room unit systems. The PEK Series uses practical and effective UVC technology to overcome the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) challenge other small in-room packaging equipment hasn’t been able to solve because they’re often equipped with low-efficiency filters that cannot effectively capture infectious disease contaminants or mold. In addition, because of space and airflow limitation, many of these other units cannot be retrofitted with high-efficiency filtration. Applications PEK Series fixtures feature lamps that illuminate cooling units with high-output (800mA) UVC energy that eliminates surface contaminants (mold, bacteria and other microbial biofilms) and reduce infectious airborne microbial contaminants, bringing improved IAQ to hotel/motel rooms, dormitories, offices, patient rooms, classrooms and other similar rooms. PEK Series Fixtures package American Ultraviolet’s high-output “green” lamps (≤ 8 mg of mercury; 2-year guarantee) with five-year ballasts (non-prorated 5-year warranty) into a convenient kit that delivers the best and longest-lasting UVC performance available. Independent tests show American Ultraviolet fixtures deliver greater output than any other ultraviolet devices under HVAC operating conditions (450 F at 400 fpm air velocity), and the increased output of our lamps provide the most reliable germicidal performance and longest service life. Each PEK Series kit contains one “green” UVC Lamp, one 5-year ballast, and all necessary hardware components to retrofit the room unit with UVC, including wire, holding clips, mounting screws and wire ties - the space-saving, snap-in design fits all major brands. The Cell lamps come in lengths of 14, 16, 20, 24, 36, 48 and 60 inches to meet different size requirements. The correct quantity of kits and/or lamp lengths must be selected to irradiate the entire coil.

Benefits • Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by reducing bacteria, viruses and mold that either grow or pass through the packaged equipment. Reduces the risk of cold, flu, allergies and other illnesses associated with room unit HVAC systems • High-output, “green” lamps contain ≤ 8 mg of mercury • Two–year (17,000 hours) guarantee on lamps with only 20% decrease in output over the two years • Five-year non-prorated warranty on the ballast • Water tight connections for lamp and wiring • Reduces HVAC energy costs by restoring heat transfer and net cooling capacity • Continuously cleans coils and drain pans, eliminating costly cleaning programs and the use of harmful chemicals and disinfectants • Produces no ozone or other secondary contaminates • Quick and easy snap-in installation