18" Single UVC Lamp Surface Mount Fixture

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18" Single UVC Lamp Surface Mount Fixture

18" Surface Mount UVC 1 Lamp Fixture $670.00 Each.

SM Series fixtures are designed for general air and surface sterilization purposes and, because they can mount to ceilings or under counters, can be effectively used for a wide variety of applications. SM Series fixtures are ideal for hospitals, laboratories and clean rooms and are often used to bathe a room in UVC each night to ensure a sterile environment for the morning work shift. The functional design allows UVC energy to be evenly distributed, and also prevents dust from accumulating on the germicidal fixtures.

The SM Series is available in 15 models, with one or two lamps, and in various lengths. Each tubular bactericidal lamp delivers 253.7 nm of germicidal ultraviolet protection. And, where odor control is necessary, high-ozone lamps can be used for the SM-30-C, SM-20-2C, SM010-SL, SM-36 and SM-36-2 fixtures. Germicidal lamp life is rated for 12,000 effective hours. Low maintenance and low maintenance costs are attractive features of the entire SM Series. The permanent specular reflector finish can be cleaned easily with alcohol, or ammonia and water - a schedule of regular cleaning and re-lamping will ensure maximum germicidal effectiveness.

Benefits • Direct air and surface sterilization of DNA-based contaminants • Spectrally polished reflectors maximize UVC lamp output • 18”-37” fixture lengths • Single and dual lamp configurations • Hot Cathode, Cold Cathode and Slimline fixtures available • Simple, tool-free lamp change.

Dual lamp unit shown.