Christie CDXL-70

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Christie CDXL-70

Product Description

Christie Digital CDXL-70 7,000 watt $1650.00 Each.

Christie Xenolite lamps light up screens around the world and help you provide the best cinema experience to your patrons. To get a true representation of color in any environment requires a truly remarkable light source and the Christie Xenolite lamps deliver. They offer stable color temperature, a wide range of power levels, excellent color rendition, and long-lasting performance consistency. Longer lamp life and lower operating costs are among the key features that exhibitors and installers look for in selecting lamps. Christie understands the cinema industry. We know our customers personally. With no margin for error, the show must always go on. Christie brings over 80 years of experience, knowledge and value to your cinema business.

Warranty Information

Christie Xenolite lamps are of very high quality and any failure is unlikely. If a lamp has failed for some reason then a service technician should check the system and operating practices to make sure that the lamp is being used properly. All Christie Xenolite lamps are covered under warranty against any manufacturer defects. The period of time is based on the warranty hours of operation and a period of one year from invoice date whichever comes first.