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Ushio DXL-41SN/L $1140.00 Each. DXL Series Xenon Lamp for NEC Digital Cinema Projector - NC1600C, NC2000C - 4000W / 2800W - 850 hours.

USHIO's DXL series of Xenon lamps have been developed as the preferred light sources for NEC digital cinema projectors, providing high stability and high reliability. These high-luminance light sources are optimized to meet the increased demands of digital projection and 3D exhibition standards. 

USHIO's DXL series are officially approved and recommended for use in NEC digital cinema projectors.

USHIO’s DXL series of digital xenon lamps achieve the highest performance for digital cinema projection. Digital cinema projectors have a more complex optical system than that of film projectors and require lamps with much higher brightness and a more stable arc. USHIO’s DXL series are 20-50% brighter than that of standard film lamps of the same wattages. DXL lamps are optimized to meet technical standards especially for digital 3-D screening