IsoLED Plus+ Portable Surgical LED Headlamp System

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IsoLED Plus+ Portable Surgical LED Headlamp System

IsoLux IsoLED Plus+ Portable Surgical LED Headlamp System $2650.00. Includes 1.2m Cable, 2 Battery Packs, Spare Foam, Battery Charger and Blue Nylon Bag.

Optional Hard Shell Case Please Contact Us For Details.

Portable and lightweight IsoLED Plus+ Surgical LED Headlamp allows for higher power with up to 40K Lux at 300mm. Used in everything from examination, diagnosis, surgical operations, and beyond, the IsoLED Plus+ LED Headlight is our most popular portable surgical headlamp. The IsoLED Plus+ Surgical LED Headlight comes with 2 Lithium battery packs to extend the surgeon’s ability to finish procedures with adequate light.

A Headlight Built with the Surgeon in mind

The IsoLED Plus+ surgical headlamp is our most popular surgical headlight system because of the additional brightness and battery when compared to the IsoLED II surgical LED headlamp system.  Two sterilizable joysticks also come with the Plus+ surgical headlamp to aid in surgeon control and case rotation ease.

Our head mounted IsoLED Plus+ Surgical LED Headlight is of higher power (up to 40KLux at 300mm) with a variable spot size of 10-110mm. Ideal for all surgical procedures and examinations this medical headlamp provides crisp spot control and an extremely homogeneous light beam. At a CRI rating of 92, the IsoLED Plus+ LED Surgical Headlamp offers true color in critical surgery applications.

The lightweight Lithium battery packs offer over 3.5 hours of runtime each and can be swapped mid surgery for more than 7 hours of operation time. A flashing indicator alerts the surgeon and staff if the surgical headlight lithium battery starts to run low.


Isolux IsoLED Plus+ Portable Surgical LED Headlamp Features

  • 10mm - 100mm Variable Spot Control
  • Lightweight with 20 years of proven optics
  • Up to 4.25 Hours of Runtime Per Battery
  • CRI more than 90 to give the best tissue rendition
  • 40,000 Lux Light Intensity
  • 50.000 LED Life
  • 4000K Color Temperature
  • No Light Degradation
  • 10-100mm Spot Size
  • Adjustable Intensity Range 20-100%
  • 4 Hour Operating Time at Full Intensity
  • 2.2 Hour Recharge Time
  • Universal Battery Charged
  • 290 Grams Headlight Weight
  • 190 Grams Battery Pack Weight